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Baby Board Book
Pages: 20
Themes: onomatopeia, concept book, sounds, toddlers, outdoor playtime
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 12/Oct/2021
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Swish Slosh follows the onomatopoeic escapades of a young child and their dog as they delight in the tactile joy of getting messy. This toddler-friendly book is composed entirely of sounds and adults and children alike will delight in a sweet story that calls to be read aloud with joyful emphasis and humorous inflection. Woosh swoosh slosh splosh— readers will romp through a day at the beach, enjoy a sweet treat and noisily make their way through bedtime routine in this vibrant board book conceptualized and written by award-winning author Deborah Kerbel and illustrated by artist Jacqui Lee.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Playful and colourful...This little board book will create lots of fun and many giggles when shared with a favorite toddler. Highly Recommended.”

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