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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 208
Themes: goblins, trolls, sleuth, robots, technology, noir, dieselpunk, steampunk, cartoon novel
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 11/Apr/2017
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As the eve of the great Wizards' Summit approaches, wizards from all over Rockfall Mountain descend on the school at Shadow Tower to refine their craft. When professors start disappearing, it's up to magic-fearing monster sleuths Tank and Fizz to solve this spell-packed mystery and find the missing mages. Aleetha, their detective partner and a wizard-in-training, has dragged Tank and Fizz into the heart of the Shadow Tower, where libraries fly, spells fill the air, and an ancient army of darkness stirs, when she receives a mysterious message from her missing teacher. Using their detective skills, a pinch of magic and a trickle of technology, the friends stumble into a battle that's been brewing for decades. And what starts as a simple missing-persons case turns into a clash of light versus dark magic. Can Tank and Fizz overcome their fears and track down the missing mages before the black magic makes them disappear for good?

The Case of the Missing Mage is the third book in the Tank & Fizz series about two crime-solving monsters living under a mountain, following The Case of the Slime Stampede and The Case of the Battling Bots. Stay tuned for book four, coming spring 2018.

CM Magazine
"This is a delightful middle school novel with elements of a graphic novel...Graphics are so detailed and the characters so well-developed in picture and text that readers can just join them in the adventure...This novel is sure to please kids who love to read, and it will inspire reluctant readers with its humour and almost constant action. Highly Recommended."
School Library Journal
"An action-packed detective story set in a land of monsters and magic...Give to fans of Ursula Vernon's 'Dragonbreath' series or Jennifer Holm's 'Squish' series."
School Library Connection
"Readers will be drawn into the mystery by the witty remarks of Fizz, who narrates the tale, and the intertwined block text and graphic novel illustrations…This will appeal to both fantasy and mystery readers as magic and technology both play an important role during the story's climax. Fast paced and fun to read."
John Spray Mystery Award Jury
"A fun romp through worlds filled with goblins, trolls and elves, ingenious tech and magic, and a nefarious plot to kidnap leading wizards…The graphic novel-style of this series really adds to the storytelling—making the characters as much fun to watch as they are to read about…It's a bubbling cauldron of graphic mystery and laughs…and a great introduction to the mystery genre for younger readers. "


Silver Birch Express Award  | 2018 | Short-listed
John Spray Mystery Award  | 2018 | Short-listed

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