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A story about touch
Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 24
Themes: communication, unwanted touch, feelings, soccer
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 05/Apr/2016
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No matter how hard she tries, Claire can’t kick the soccer ball in a straight line. Her coach steps in and places his hand on her shoulder, telling her that she's too pretty to wear a frown. When he tickles her later and asks her to keep it a secret, Claire doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong, but something just feels “weird.” Too much flattery and too much contact give her that weird, uh-oh feeling. She turns to her friends for help and learns that adults shouldn’t ask kids to keep secrets about touch. So Claire tells her mother. By seeking help from others and talking about her feelings, the situation is resolved happily.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
... another successful and meaningful book from Cole and Leng. The lesson that a child’s feelings are important comes through clearly and can lead to valuable discussion at home or at school. Highly Recommended.
Kirkus Reviews
A tough but important subject handled with care.
School Library Journal
The delicate issues covered in each book [in the I’m a Great Little Kid series] are presented in relatable and useful ways that will allow children to connect and find solutions for troublesome situations that they may encounter. Leng employs great identity and ethnic diversity in the cast of characters through bright, expressive, and simple illustrations perfect for young readers.
Resource Links
Once again, Kathryn Cole’s simple but in no way simplistic story brings up an important issue and lays out a course of action for children to take should they find themselves in this situation.
Inside Toronto
Claire listened to her feelings and spoke to it about her friends, who confirmed to her what she already knew - to listen to her feelings and tell someone she can trust. As always, all these books [in the I'm a Great Little Kid Series] offered great lessons, but wrapped into stories that are enjoyable and don’t sound preachy.


Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens - Fall 2016  | 2016 | Commended

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