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Everything teachers need to connect with students, build confidence, and promote classroom learning
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 136
Themes: professional development, teaching practice, autism, differentiation, inclusion
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pub Date: 29/Sep/2020
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The Autism Lens helps teachers connect to students with autism and support them along their own unique trajectory. Bringing to life communication difficulties that impact socialization and learning, this book removes the guesswork by offering practical solutions to
  • foster inclusion
  • build new skills and motivate 
  • problem-solve challenges
  • develop strengths
  • boost resilience
  • nurture independence
Numerous easy-to-use, classroom-tested strategies are explored in this comprehensive resource. Woven throughout are stories about students to encourage teachers to see instruction from a student’s point of view. From this perspective, teachers can gain trust and nudge students into the space where learning happens.

Professionally Speaking
“One word sums up this book: connection…the book can help us improve our practice with all students…”

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