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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 40
Themes: pleiades, Indigenous, Lakota, sisterhood, tradition
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Pub Date: 31/Jan/2022
Fry Reading Level: 6
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When seven Lakota sisters venture deep into the forest to gather chokecherries, they are surprised and chased by a giant bear. As they huddle together on a rock ledge and pray for help, the earth rises up, taking them out of reach of the bear. A great eagle rescues the Seven Sisters by taking them to the Star Nation, where they become the Pleiades star formation we see in the night sky.

Kirkus Reviews

“Author/illustrator Beartrack-Algeo (Lower Brule Lakota Nation) creates a mystical world. [A] retelling of the story of Pleiades, the Seven Sisters star formation. Rich oil paintings accompany the lyrical telling. An opening glossary defines Lakota terms. Lovingly depicts the sacred relationship between Lakota people and their homeland.”

School Library Journal
“Beartrack-Algeo’s love and pride of her (Lakota) culture and the land shines throughout the story, which is a great addition to most myth and legends collections, especially given the scarcity of books featuring indigenous peoples.”

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