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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 64
Themes: Greek mythology, greed, arrogance, opera
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: 01/Nov/2015
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In The Golden Touch, the team that created the children's operetta and picture book Time for Flowers, Time for Snow tackles the myth of King Midas—again with songs and laughs and touching drama. Monty Python’s Terry Jones reads award-winning writer Glen Huser’s retelling of the classic tale of the foolish king whose lust for gold nearly costs him his family and his life.

Quill & Quire
"Combining beautiful art, a wry retelling of a classic tale, playful and informative song lyrics, and an accompanying CD of music performed in part by 200 Quebec schoolchildren, The Golden Touch is the newest release from the team behind the fabulous Time for Flowers, Time for Snow. While that earlier effort retold the story of Persephone, this time King Midas gets his turn. The book and music can be enjoyed separately, but the combination of the two elements is an immersive experience that will captivate many an otherwise fidgety kid."

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