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Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: Fun, friendship, architecture
Publisher: Tuckamore
Pub Date: 01/10/2011
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What's red and green and a sticky, mushy mess? The legendary Jelly Bean Row no less! How did the colorful row houses (which remind us of jelly beans) on one of the oldest streets in North America get their name? Here's a slaphappy tale nestled inside dozens of bright, rainbow-drenched illustrations that will tickle the imagination and bring a sparkle to the eye of codgers and kids alike. You're invited to meet some of the colorful characters from one of the most extraordinary streets in North America. So, don a pair of hip-waders and join in the foolishness, fuss and fun. Everyone is welcome and entertainment is supplied!

CM Magazine - February 10, 2012
"Captivating illustrations...The reader could spend a significant amount of time examining the detail of each page. Expressions on humans and animals enhance the text and will be sure to cause smiles among adult readers and interest among preschoolers."

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