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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 272
Themes: bullying, high school, exclusion
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2004
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Every student at Saskatoon Collegiate knew that all the most important aspects of school life were controlled by a secret club called Shadow Council. Each fall, Shadow held a traditional lottery during which a single student's name was drawn. The rest of the student body called the student the lottery winner. But Shadow Council knew better; to them the winner was the lottery victim. Whatever the label, the fated student became the Council's go-fer, delivering messages of doom to selected targets. In response, the student body shunned the lottery winner for the entire year. This year's victim was fifteen-year-old Sally Hanson.

CM Magazine
"One of this year's 'must' purchases...Highly recommended."
"A gripping and powerful narrative."


ALA Best Books for Young Adults  | 2003 | Long-listed
YALSA Quick Picks  | 2003 | Long-listed
CCBC Our Choice starred selection  | 2003 | Commended
CLA Young Adult Book Award nominee  | 2003 | Short-listed
KLIATT Editors' Hardcover YA Fiction Choice  | 2003 | Commended
Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award nominee  | 2004 | Short-listed
SYRCA Snow Willow nominee  | 2004 | Short-listed
White Ravens List  | 2003 | Commended
White Pine nominee  | 2004 | Runner-up

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