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Fiction Ages 8-12
Pages: 192
Themes: detective, dinah galloway, mystery, ships, cruise ships, northwest coast
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/10/2004
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Dinah Galloway—budding diva, enthusiastic gourmand and amateur detective—is back. This time she has taken to the high seas with a gig in the lounge of an Alaska-bound cruise ship. Also aboard are her mother and her older sister Madge, a moody professor of Indigenous art, an elderly woman with romantic intentions toward an even older man, an aspiring thief with gooseberry-colored eyes, and a priceless Indigenous mask that seems to be attracting far too much attention. Also on the ship is Talbot St. John, class heartthrob, with whom Dinah has a running feud.

The mask is on its way to a museum to be returned to its ancestral home, but is stolen moments before its delivery. When Dinah is pushed into a glacial lake, the mystery becomes more dangerous and the pool of suspects deepens. As Dinah entertains the passengers and eats her way up the Northwest Coast, a number of potential suspects emerge.

Fresh from her best-selling adventures in the world of theater in The Man in the Moonstone, Dinah Galloway continues her hilarious adventures and determined sleuthing in The Mask on the Cruise Ship.

This is Melanie Jackson's third installment starring Dinah, her precocious detective.

The Mask on the Cruise Ship is the third of four books in the Dinah Galloway Mystery series.
Book one is The Spy in the Alley.
Book two is The Man in the Moonstone.
Book four is The Summer of the Spotted Owl .


Chocolate Lily nominee  | 2006 | Short-listed
Silver Birch nominee  | 2006 | Short-listed

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