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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 160
Themes: Humor, responsibility
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/02/2002
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Harper Winslow has a job—a real job at the town's weekly newspaper. A newspaper job is a dream come true for Harper, who, since his days at The Tuesday Cafe, has worked hard at becoming a writer. But could anything he has done in the past prepare him for what is about to come his way? Nope.

When the civic election campaign starts, his job duties, and his life, take a significant turn. With his dad running for mayor, Harper is encouraged by his hard-driving editor, Kip Kelly, to dig up as many secrets as he can. And as if that's not enough to strain family relationships, he is also saddled with the courthouse beat when his sister crashes her car under mysterious circumstances.

All this is almost enough to drive Harper right back out of the business he loves. Almost...

The Popsicle Journal is the fourth of four books in the Harper Winslow series.
Book one is The Tuesday Cafe.
Book two is A Fly Named Alfred.
Book three is A Beatiful Place on Yonge Street.


ALA Best Books for Young Adults  | 2003 | Long-listed
CCBC Our Choice starred selection  | 2003 | Commended

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