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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: riddles, treasure, guessing, adventure, friendship
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: 01/Aug/2016
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Anouk, Ben and Cara dream of a fabulous treasure buried on the golden island across the harbor. A mysterious and grizzled old man offers them passage on his boat, but only if they can solve seven vexing riddles. If they succeed, a strange and magical prize awaits them.

Enchanting illustrations by St├ęphane Jorisch illuminate this story by one of Britain's best-loved children's authors.

Wander, Ponder, Write blog
"Reading The Riddlemaster is like reading a long-lost fairytale...Jorisch's illustrations amplify the sense of being in a far-off land, and he includes multiethnic/multi-racial children. Kids will particularly enjoy trying to identify the animal 'characters' who journey on the boat."
School Library Journal
"There's an undercurrent of fear to The Riddlemaster, but I loved the old-fashioned riddling of it all. It's also a beauty to look at."
"The riddles themselves are simple, and the illustrations of animals—many of whom mimic other famous creatures, such as Wild Things and the musicians of Bremen—complement this strange tale of adventure, cleverness, and storytelling."
Did You Ever Stop to Think blog
"Crossley-Holland's skill in string, powerful language remains deeply pronounced and rather lovely...Jorisch gives us a tapestry of almost medieval characters; those twisting, fanciful half-dreamt, half-believed outlines of animals and characters that twist into each other and curve around the page. His children are perfect; three distinct, diverse characters, and they're each rendered with such movement that they're a delight."
Kirkus Reviews
"A jewel box for lovers of stories, filled with riddles and allusions that will test, but not daunt, even younger readers."

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