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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 240
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2010
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Thirteen-year-old Danny never knew that his father was abusing his mother, until the day his father almost killed her. Now he finds himself in court as his mother fights to have his father kept in jail to keep the family safe. But Danny can't believe that his father is a danger to them, cannot reconcile the father he looks up to with the man who almost took his mother's life. When the limits of the justice system allow his father to be released, Danny's mother decides that he and his little sister must accompany her into hiding. They will go to another city and begin a new life, with new identities. And so begins the second trial, as everything that Danny has known is taken from him. How can he reconcile himself to this new life, where he has a new name, no friends and none of the comforts he's used to? As his mother struggles to support the family, Danny is torn between loving and hating her, blaming her for everything. In his anger he turns to the school's gang of bullies, but a young girl named Nixxie might be his way to find acceptance in this new life.

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"Boll is a lawyer and her background in family law shows in this well-informed and uncompromising novel. This kind of story is often not presented in such ordinary surroundings and I admire the author's choice of everday realism."
"A thoughtful account of life amid the world of domestic abuse, where children can feel confused when adults are not who they pretend to be. Sadly, this topic affects too many families, so it's timely and helpful to have this insightful literature for assignments and general interest in both public and school libraries."
CM Magazine
"The author has an intricate understanding of the Canadian legal system and the means by which domestic violence charges are dealt with in court…Boll's psychological exploration of Danny is particularly compelling and effective…A natural fit in a public or school library…Recommended."
Library Media Connection
"A great story of upheaval and change."
Canadian Children's Book News
"Danny is a sympathetic character and reactions to the drastic changes in his life are believable for a young teen...Suspense is sustained throughout as the reader waits to discover if Danny can make the right decision and accept his new life."
School Library Journal
"This story is beautifully told, and readers will be pulled along with Danny as he slowly comes to face reality and his own demons. With most of the graphic violence offstage, this story is sensitive enough for younger readers to handle, yet the characters seem so real."


Resource Links "The Year's Best"  | 2010 | Commended
ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award finalist  | 2010 | Short-listed
PNLA Young Reader's Choice nominee  | 2013 | Short-listed

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