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Veil of Magic: Book 3
Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 160
Themes: fantasy, friendship, perseverance
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2012
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It's Halloween, and Josh and Maddy are all ready to go out trick-or-treating. But the unexpected arrival of their otter-people friends from the other side of the Veil of Magic changes everything. The otters have an urgent message from Keeper the Giant and the children must act at once. Returning to the magical world, Josh and Maddy learn its inhabitants are not powerful enough to fix the increasing tears in the Veil that shields them. The magic that gives them strength is leaking away through the tears, and soon their lives will be at risk. A gathering of the magical citizens decides that Josh's power is the only thing that can save them—but how? Josh, Maddy and Keeper learn they should approach the Weavers for help, and Josh and Maddy set off to find them. But the two face dangers on the way...and not everybody in the magical world wants them to succeed.

Quill & Quire
"The relationship between Josh and his sister offers a sweet, touching element to the story...The book moves along at an electrifying pace."
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"Josh and Maddy are believable anf sympathetic characters; eager, helpful, and perfectly imperfect. There's enough action to keep the ardent fantasy fan absorbed and enough character development to keep the relationship reader involved and happy."

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