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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: wildebeest, African folktale, creation story, resources, tradition
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 25/Sep/2018
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Inspired by a story told to the author while on safari in 2015, The Wild Beast describes the creation of one of Africa's most unusual animals, the wildebeest. According to oral tradition, the Creator built this unique beast out of leftover parts from other magnificent animals found on the continent. Horns from buffalos and stripes meant for zebras. Tails from giraffes and bumps meant for camels. This creative retelling will introduce little ones to a story rich in both imagery and in lesson: Take what you need to live. Take no more. Waste nothing.

Resource Links - October 24, 2018
"This African story is short in length, but abundant with beautiful art and meaning."
School Library Connection - October 22, 2018
"A satisfying, accessible myth, and audiences will want to hear the story over and over. The detailed illustrations fill the pages and are very effective, even when seen from afar. This will be a lovely addition for any folk tale collection."
CM Magazine - July 17, 2018
"Gorgeous! There are a number of notable aspects starting with the fact that the creator is female, a delightful touch…The Wild Beast is an enjoyable read and a pleasurable journey through the illustrations. A great addition to any home or library. Highly Recommended."

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