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Theytus Books is a leading North American publisher of Indigenous voices. Located in syilx territory on the Penticton Indian Reserve in British Columbia, Theytus Books is proudly Indigenous owned and operated in partnership with the En’owkin Centre. As the oldest Indigenous publishing house in Canada, Theytus Books is recognized and respected internationally for its contributions to Indigenous literature. Since its inception in 1980, Theytus Books has been a leading proponent of Indigenous authors, illustrators and artists. It ensures that their voice and vision are expressed with the highest level of cultural authenticity and integrity.

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Memories of a Metis Settlement
ISBN: 9781926886503
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 102
Price: $12.95
Daughters Are Forever
ISBN: 9781926886275
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 208
Price: $19.95
Wild Woman Alphabet
By (author): Doris Muise
ISBN: 9781926886480
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 72
Price: $24.95
A quirky ABC children's title with Indigenous themes and images in the text and collaged illustrations.
Dying to Please You
ISBN: 9781926886466
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 220
Price: $32.95
Dah Dzahge Esigits
ISBN: 9781926886497
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 112
Price: $19.95
Dancing with the Cranes
ISBN: 9781894778701
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 24
Price: $10.95
The Salmon Run
By (artist): Clayton Gauthier   Translated by: Francois Prince
ISBN: 9781926886442
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 20
Price: $9.95
I Like Who I Am
By (author): Tara White   Illustrated by: Lee Claremont
ISBN: 9781894778633
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 40
Price: $12.95
A beautifully illustrated story, I Like Who I Am explores issues of bullying and belonging as Celina looks for acceptance in her new community.
How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs / Edànì Nogèe Wegoo Degèe Adzà
By (author): Virginia Football   Illustrated by: James Wedzin   Translated by: Rosa Mantla, Mary Siemens
ISBN: 9781894778749
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 32
Price: $20.95
The Rabbit's Race
By (author): Deborah L. Delaronde   Illustrated by: Virginia McCoy
ISBN: 9781894778763
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 50
Price: $18.95
I am Proud of Me
By (author): Margaret Manuel
ISBN: 9781926886459
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 24
Price: $9.95
Edited by: Neal McLeod
ISBN: 9781926886398
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 336
Price: $24.95
Many strange tales woven and crafted to keep the reader glued to the book until its final page.
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