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150 Years Retold
Graphic Novel 12+
Pages: 250
Themes: Canada 150, Indigenous, Reconciliation, Canadian history, graphic novel, First Nations, Aboriginal stories
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pub Date: 28/May/2019
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Explore the past 150 years in what is now Canada through the eyes of Indigenous creators in this groundbreaking graphic novel anthology. Beautifully illustrated, these stories are an emotional and enlightening journey through indigenous wonderworks, psychic battles, and time travel. See how Indigenous peoples have survived a post-apocalyptic world since Contact.

Candida Rifkind, Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Winnipeg
"A landmark collection of Indigenous comics that redraws how we understand the past, present, and future of Indigenous communities and cultures since Confederation. Each chapter immerses us in a gripping story about real people brought to life through vivid and affecting artwork. This collection proves the power of comics storytelling to create fresh pathways to knowledge and new ways of envisioning Indigenous experiences."
Ottawa Citizen
"An upper-tier graphic novel, both in the creative work and production standards."
Teaching Tolerance magazine
“This is more than a graphic novel—it's an extraordinary history text (with a dash of speculative fiction) that animates obscured narratives and will enchant and educate all ages.”


USBBY Outstanding International Books List  | 2020 | Commended

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