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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 160
Publisher: Running the Goat
Pub Date: 28/Feb/2019
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In her deeply-affecting final novel, acclaimed children's writer and storyteller Jan Andrews gives us Edie Murphy—an indomitable and engaging heroine on the cusp of womanhood. The novel moves from Edie's remote Newfoundland outport to St. John's and finally to New York City's Lower East Side. Against the background of the history-making "Uprising" of 1909, when 20,000 garment workers went on strike for better working conditions, and the devastating Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (1911), Edie begins to find her own voice, hone her already-strong will, and learn about the true nature of home. A celebration of the strength of women and the power of community.

Trudy Morgan-Cole, author of By the Rivers of Brooklyn, A Sudden Sun, and Most Anything You Please
"Jan Andrews' To See the Stars powerfully evokes the voice of Edie Murphy, a young girl from a Newfoundland outport whose journey brings her from her isolated fishing village to the bustling streets and factories of New York City. The world of the early 20th century—in New York, in St. John's, and in the tiny village of Atterby—is beautifully depicted, and Edie emerges as a resilient and engaging heroine."

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