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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: friendship, kindness, humor, patience
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2011
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Today, Maybe is a story about a little girl who is waiting for someone, a friend. She doesn't yet know who it will be. In a series of surprising and humorous encounters, several well-known characters of children's literature arrive at her door. But none of them are the one she is waiting for, and she graciously sends them all away. With her bird to keep her company and hope filling her heart, weeks and then months pass as she waits and waits. When there is a scratch at the door one night, certainty fills the little girl's heart, and she opens the door to discover true friendship is indeed worth waiting for.

CM Magazine
"In this modern fairy tale, the power of traditional evil archetypes is removed by a young girl's inner confidence in herself, her value and her destiny...The beautiful, warm illustrations greatly add to the text. Glowing full and double page watercolour washes are filled with oil, gouache and pencil illustrations...Referencing many symbols and figures from [the fairy tale] tradition, [it] is of interest to a wide audience. Recommended."
Kirkus Reviews
"The illustrations are beautiful and a bit surreal...Watercolor, gouache, oils and pencils make layers of color with depth and translucence...[Today Maybe is] lovely in itself, with its promise of the power of story and imagination, and the wait for the perfect, sublime friend."
Publishers Weekly
"The artist's skillful use of space for bold closeups give the book persuasive power...Demers's tale has a confidential, knowing air that some readers will like very much."
Quill & Quire
[Starred review] "As evocative and mysterious as a traditional fairytale, Today, Maybe is an unusual picture book with strong emotional impact. Sheila Fischman's able translation...leaves subtle echoes of the French original that add to the magical atmosphere...The mood of Demers's poetic story is beautifully matched by Grimard's images with their rich colours, exquisite and sometimes quirky details."
"Demers plays with familiar fairy-tale tropes, imbuing her heroine with confidence, purpose, and charm. Grimard’s demure paintings fill the large-trim pages, with vines, fruits, and teapots recalling the work of Mary Engelbreit, while bones and fangs add a tempered edge. The result is a work of clever, poetic sweetness, with familiar folktale imagery giving way to tender surprise. A whimsical choice for both family sharing and gift giving."
Resource Links
"Demers' tale is wonderfully crafted and exquisitely translated into English by Sheila Fischman. The illustrations, in soft shades of colour, blend ideally with a story that resonates as a dream on a cool summer night."
Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries (SWON)
"Filled with whimsy and grand imagination, this lovely story is a gentle read...A story of gentleness and the benefits of patience as well as an excursion into the land of make believe. The illustrations are beautifully rendered in water colors supporting the calm movement of the story...A beautiful piece of art."
Betty Liverman, Tucson Unified School District
"The water colored paper illustrations using gouache, oil paint, and aquarelle pencils, are quite beautiful."
The Horn Book Guide
"Expansive gouache, oil, and watercolour paintings reveal the fairy-tale quality of this lyrical story...Beautiful to look at and listen to."
Cracking the Cover blog
"Perhaps one of the most imaginative and beautifully executed picture books so far of 2011...The lilting text has a sophistication to it that's as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate. And young readers will love nods to familiar fairy tale characters while enjoying a new, delightful tale. The illustrations in Today, Maybe are top notch with great attention to detail paired with just a touch of whimsy. The expressive looks on each character's face are spot on, and the muted tones are warm and welcoming...A definite must when adding to your home library."
Sal's Fiction Addiction blog
"Grimard's beautiful artwork perfectly matches the story with moody colors and detail-rich images. Perspectives change often to add interest and hold the listener's attention. There is danger and fear, wit and courage, beauty and grace....and oh yes, a happy ending!"


IBBY Canada Honour List  | 2012 | Commended
CCBC Best Books  | 2012 | Commended
Rainforest of Reading nominee  | 2013 | Short-listed

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