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A Frank Ryan Mystery
Adult Fiction
Pages: 144
Themes: crime fiction, mystery, male sleuth, accidental sleuth, Tokyo, Japan, piano teacher, jazz pianist, tsunami, Japanese mob, crime boss
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 23/Aug/2016
Fry Reading Level: 5.0
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Piano tuner and jazz musician Frank Ryan is in Japan teaching bored housewives how to play piano. Then he gets a gig in a trendy underground bar and ends up ensnared with a young woman with a grudge and the crime boss who owns the bar. Drawn into Tokyo Girl’s vendetta, Frank stumbles into an underworld where transgressions are paid for by the flash of a razor-sharp cleaver. And for a pianist, that’s not a good thing.

Tokyo Girl is the follow-up to Beethoven’s Tenth, featuring reluctant sleuth Frank Ryan.

Kirkus Reviews
"This little prose poem is as pellucid and finely wrought as a haiku."
CM Magazine
"Quick paced and full of tension...Recommended."


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