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The Warlocks of Talverdin, Book 2
Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 192
Themes: otherworld fantasy, freedom, identity
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2008
Lexile Level: 900
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Years have passed since the conclusion of the prequel to this book, Nightwalker. Maurey, fully grown and a leader in his own right, finds himself pulled from his quest across the sea to protect a young princess whose life has been thrown into turmoil following her brother's murder. Princess Eleanor is determined to thwart her mother's misguided efforts to marry her off to her cousin. But even if she succeeds, her father remains a prisoner in Eswy castle, and a mysterious symbol shows up over and over again, pointing to some sort of plot against Eleanor and the kingdom. To achieve freedom, Eleanor and Maurey must work together and Eleanor must find her power.

The Brandon Sun - May 17, 2009
"Blending history, romance and humor, K.V. Johansen spins a tale of treachery and triumph that will delight her fans and earn her new ones."
KLIATT - November 1, 2008
"The characters are well developed and individual, even the villains, and the action is compelling."
TeensReadToo.com - October 23, 2008
"The sequel to Nightwalker may be even better than the first book! Johansen continues to impress me with her gift of storytelling."
Mad Tales blog - June 17, 2008
"The story switches back and forth in each chapter, with Korby and Eleanor narrating their own adventures and experiences. This lends a sense of immediacy to the action, and makes for a gripping read...[This series] packs a lot of plot-driven punch. I am looking forward to the third installment."
CM Magazine - March 21, 2008
"Every bit as good as Nightwalker. Highly recommended."


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