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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: old-growth forests, natural history and the sitka spruce, music, First Nations
Publisher: Tudor House
Pub Date: 01/Aug/2010
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This story tells of silent, unchanging forests and of the life history of one Sitka spruce tree, home to numerous insects and birds. It speaks of First Nations People who honored the land and could hear the singing of the trees. It follows the arrival of the European settlers in North America who broke the ancient pattern of forest life by felling great swaths of trees. Our Sitka spruce, however, continues to grow. But after hundreds of years, it too falls because of violent storms and changing climate. Miraculously, the song of this tree is not lost. An instrument maker uses a piece of its wood in crafting a fine cello. The song of this beautiful instrument in turn becomes a gift to the forest.

CM Magazine - October 1, 2010
"Muted pictures in delicate hazed pastel tones capture the subtle changes and life of the forest. Each page is meticulously worked with a combination of watercolor pencil, oil pastel, collage and added textural techniques… In school and class libraries, it would be excellent as part of art and environmental programs…A beautifully esoteric picture book."
Resource Links - October 1, 2010
"TreeSong reads like a goodbye to an old friend; but a goodbye with hope…Children in grades one to four can learn about the importance of trees and how all life depends on their healthy development…[A] beautiful book."


Nautilus Silver Award  | 2011 | Winner

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