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Fiction Ages 9-12
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Publisher: Crow Cottage
Pub Date: 02/Jun/2018
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Jasmine is not sure she likes the idea of being stuck in Victoria, BC while her father goes to China for a year. But on a field trip to Victoria's Chinatown, she mysteriously finds herself in the Chinatown of the early 1880s — a time when thousands of Chinese were contracted to work on the portion of the Canadian Pacific Railway then being constructed in BC's Fraser Canyon. In the maze of Chinatown's alleys and passages, she meets Keung, a teenage boy who has come to "Gold Mountain" in search of his father, a railway worker. Keung also has to find a jade amulet believed to have magical powers. Jasmine accompanies him to the Fraser Canyon only to discover that she and Keung are not alone in their search for the white jade tiger. Ages 9-13

Quill and Quire - September 10, 2018
Lawson skilfully interweaves the narratives of present and past, exploring the concerns of each on many levels. The examination of racism and greed in B.C.'s early days is well integrated into the narrative.
The Vancouver Sun - September 10, 2018
Lawson successfully combines a very real sense of period, a vivid portrait of the lives of the Chinese workers who built the railway, and an exciting adventure.


Canadian Library Association Book of the Year  | 1994 | Winner
Sheila A Egoff Children's Prize  | 1994 | Winner
Silver Birch Award  | 1995 | Runner-up

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