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Adult Fiction
Pages: 392
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pub Date: 01/Nov/2014
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The life of 82-year-old Zan Wiseman: brother, son, ‘not-so-Jewish-Jew’, proxy twin, four-times husband, one-time novelist, and bet-hedging atheist. Zan relates his life story, but is he misremembering, misrepresenting, crafting a better story—or all of the above? Dave Margoshes’ compellingly unreliable narrator treats the reader to a magnificent meditation on aging, family ties, faith, and the liquid concept of the truth.

Publishers Weekly
"As his tells of growing up in Winnipeg, joining the Communist Party, falling in and out and in of love, author Margoshes intersperses Zan's spoken version with the history Zan knows is true, giving us a full-fledged character as tenacious and delightful as the novel itself...By the end, the book is exactly like Zan himself; alternately hilarious, charming, frustrating, and ultimately unforgettable."

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